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Three Tools You Do Not Normally Think Of When You Think Of UCC

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Unified Communications and Collaboration, abbreviated to UCC, is a complete set of communications services that help businesses communicate with customers and other businesses every day. Once upon a time, it was only phones, telegrams, and letters (snail mail). Now businesses have VOiP, video calls, emails, IM (instant messaging), and a half dozen other communications options. Along with all of these bundled services, you will find three other services you probably did not think about or consider when you thought about a need to communicate with others. They may not seem like they would be a part of the modern world of communication, but they are. 

Scheduling Tools

If you operate a business where you make appointments to speak to customers, clients, and potential business partners, then you need scheduling tools. These tools are now on computers and phones, making them part of the UCC services your business utilizes. Gone are the days when you use a paper desk calendar or datebook to keep track of these appointments. Everything is logged into calendar software online that can be synced across multiple devices. 

Presence Tracking

Phone tag is not as much fun as it sounds, especially when you are trying to reach an important client. Presence tracking has the ability to track the people you want to talk to in real time. It tells you when a person is on the phone, online, busy, and/or available. This is an immense benefit to anyone who is constantly playing phone tag with others and is tired of calling people back without reaching anyone. On phones, it is an app you can download for collaboration purposes. On computers, it just tracks everyone who has agreed to be part of your tracking network.

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging takes all of the phone messages from all customers, clients, partners, and employees, and puts them in one voicemail box. That may sound like a complete mess, until you really need to have everyone involved in a project on board with that project and communicating together. You can also have one unified messaging center, but separate message inboxes where everyone can listen to everyone else's messages, but you have to press the box number to listen. It is also an excellent way to keep everyone from making or receiving personal calls on company time, and making sure everyone remains as professional as possible when using this particular messaging system. For more information on options in your area, check out places like Adaptive Network Solutions.