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Still Using The Same Phone? 3 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Business Phone System

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If you still have the same business phone system that you started out with years ago, you might be missing out on some valuable opportunities for growth. It's time to move your phone system into the next generation. Business phones aren't just about sending and receiving calls – although they still do that. Today's business phone systems are about helping your company provide effective customer service, while also providing room for additional growth. Here are just three of the ways that a new phone system can increase your company's productivity.

One Number for all Your Phones

If you have multiple phones that you use for business needs – office phone, home office phone, cell phone – you might not be receiving all of your important calls. This is particularly true if people don't know how to get a hold of you after office hours. When you update your business phone system, you can link all of your phone numbers together. That means, when people call your business line, your home office phone and your cell phone will ring too. You'll be able to stay connected to your office wherever you are.

Improved Telecommuting

If you're not giving your employees the option to telecommute, you might be missing out on an opportunity to expand your office staff. Telecommuting allows employees to perform the same tasks from within the comfort of their own home. With an updated business phone system, your customers won't know whether they're speaking to someone at the office or at home. You don't have to worry about separate phone lines because the broadband connection and IP phone creates a seamless link between your office and your telecommuting employees.

Know Who's Calling in Advance

Customers like to be seen as a face rather than an arbitrary phone number that comes across through. With screen popping, which is available through enhanced business phone systems, the computer will recognize the phone number and all of your customer's information will pop up on the representative's screen. Your office staff will know who they're talking to. They'll also have immediate access to information such as payment history. It's important to note that you can also utilize screen popping to customize on-hold messages. With customized on-hold messages, your customers will hear recordings that are geared towards their specific needs, such as promotions for long-term customers, or payment options for customers who are behind on payments.